Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sex Timing Liquid

Premature ejaculation, a common disease in men, especially young men. Before, people thought that fast ejaculation is caused mainly psychological but now scientists believe that fast ejaculation due to disturbances of the receptor systems and mediators of serotonin transmission. Premature ejaculation treatment has also been much improved. It is important to correctly identify and apply to clinical treatments for each new clinical effectiveness.

Criteria to determine a premature ejaculation? Recently, scientists introduced the concept review of premature ejaculation is the most time when men's satisfaction comes before time a woman's satisfaction, this is a global definition and is quite difficult to apply in practice. But applied in practical areas of treatment, the criteria given period is calculated from the time of intercourse the penis into the vagina until ejaculation, this time around is a landmark assessment of premature ejaculation. This time is considered the first 5 minutes early and need to conduct treatments. Although this criterion is not satisfied for both the treating physician or with patients, but it is also quite simple and easy to apply. According to a recent classification of the author Marcel Dr. Waldinger, Department of Psychology neural sex education in Haga Dutch hospitals premature ejaculation can have the following:
- The primary life (premature ejaculation is only a few seconds, appears to be the first time and occurs in all the sex) have to use drugs.
- Physical suffering (which is normal before suddenly appeared recently premature ejaculation increased progression), depending on the drug causes the user to reasonable.
- Can natural changes (premature ejaculation is not constant but appear abnormal) and may dysfunction (people with the condition or complaint when I was early in the time of vaginal intercourse is normal). In both these can only measure the psychological and spiritual reassurance to the patient is enough.
Drug Treatment
The drugs and the drugs currently used to treat premature ejaculation are:
- The local anesthetic like lidocaine, 10% xylocain use cream or liquid form sprayed into the front end of the 15 minutes. This works fairly well for many special cases as support for the treatment of secondary premature ejaculation. Another form of this group is prepared in the form of ice cream packed into each tube alone or be blended into the lubricant of the condom that people often know about the types of condoms have lasted about sex drugs.
- The third round of antidepressants such as clomipramin (anafranil), amitriptyplin. This class of drugs works better features, cheaper but more side effects such as headaches, vomiting, dry mouth... Less so now also used for treatment.

- Group reuptake inhibitors Selective serotonin. People take a side effect of this group of antidepressants to treat fast ejaculation who were effective because they prolong ejaculation and coming soon to reach orgasm by both men and women. Leading effect of this group must be mentioned are:
Paroxetine (Paxil) is a powerful anti-depressants, pills before intercourse begins a few hours is effective but it is often used to process data every day.
Fluoxetine (kalxetin) are effective drugs for fast ejaculation immediately the first time and stabilized after 3 weeks of continuous use should be applied starting dose is 20mg. If after 3 weeks without effect, increase dosage to 60mg. Medication lasts about a year or year and a half to get sustainable results. Kalxetin not use drugs along with effects on other central nervous system or with alcohol because kalxetin enhances the effects of the drug group in a way that can lead to excessive toxicity or death. It also should not use the one train car or operate machinery.
Sertraline: fluoxetine effects are also similar, starting with 50mg dose may increase the dose to 150mg if poor response to initial dose. Should replace other drugs if treatment with high doses of sertraline for 6 weeks without assistance.

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