Friday, 1 March 2013

Herbal Medicine for Premature Ejaculation

By  Tonny Truong

The cause of premature ejaculation or simply PE can be both psychological and physical. If we are to deal with today's modern era, premature ejaculation is said to be mostly a result of physiological aspects rather than the physical aspects. This was suggested since majority of the work performed in today's modern living has become more and more oriented towards the application of the mind rather than the activities requiring physical movements. This often results to stress and tension that are being considered as one of the major cause of irregularities in our physiology as compared to anatomy.

You might be surprised however to have known that ayuvedra, known as the world's most old medical science has herbal cures that are very successful in curing different diseases including premature ejaculation to the most maximum level in order to make your sexual life satisfactory and youthful. The following are some herbal medicines that are being widely utilized not only as a form of cure but also in the prevention of premature ejaculation:

1. Kavach beej, also known as Mucana pruriens or cowhage are being considered as one of the best sex stimulant this planet has. Cowhage is popularly regarded as Kavach beej as it is observed to be growing wild in the Indian subcontinent as well as in warmer countries such as in Africa and South America.

2. Ashwaganda, also termed as withinia somnifera or winter cherry is a type of herb that is popularly known as Indian ginseng herb. This herb is known to be used for over centuries as a form of treatment to male health problems and also to boost his vigor. Winter cherry has been the popular herb of choice when it comes to curing any types of deformity in the body and also is very potent in curing a body suffering from a disease.

3. Salab mishri, also known as orchis mascula or early purple orchid is widely utilized herb in ayuvedric medicine which is active in aphrodisiac purposes. This particular herb is considered as one of the best in delivering wonderful effects on our body.

Read more on how to boost male libido and treat PE through herbal medicine for premature ejaculation []. These herbal treatments are sure to work in making you last longer in bed, make your sexual life youthful and happy. Herbs for sexual enhancement are proven effective in conjunction with penis exercises to deal with premature ejaculation.

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